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In turf management there are many pieces of the puzzle that have to fit in order to make economic sense. Formulating horticultural based fertilizers has been my focus for the past twenty years. I am fortunate to have worked with one of the most creative, cutting-edge formulators in the industry. I have learned about nitrogen sources, pairing ingredients and which ingredients provide the most value for the cost. Fertilization is just one component of a turf plan but without a broad understanding of the property, the challenges and concerns, it would be very difficult to create a comprehensive plan. These are some key questions I ask when developing a plan. 

What type of grass are you fertilizing?

Are there contract specifications for the property?

Can you deviate from the contract?

How many fertilizations per year?

How many pounds of nitrogen per year?

What is the chemical application schedule?

What is the type of fertilizer? Organic, synthetic or hybrid?

What is the owner's expectations?

What have been your toughest turf challenges?

Have you encountered water restrictions?

Is there a water reduction plan?

Do you have a target cost per acre?

My goal is to grasp the big picture and incorporate pro-active measures that will satisfy the fertility recommendations and turf challenges. Some of the key points I dig into searching for cost-saving solutions are:

Does the plan utilize labor in the most efficient manner?

Are there cost-saving chemical alternatives?

Are there chemical combinations that reduce labor cost?

Does the fertilizer outgrow the mowing schedule?

Are there fertilizer options that could reduce labor expenses?

Sometimes, we all do what we do, because that is what we have always done. Everyday, I dig into turf economics and evaluate what will give the customer the best value, best cost and provide the best turfgrass performance.

It's that simple.

If you want to make sure your turf programs are economically sound give me a shout, I would love to help!

Fertilizers, Chemicals, Soil Boosters, Oh My!

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