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HOA Communities / Mud Districts

I work with HOA and Mud districts in various ways. Some, I work directly with the landscape contractor or the landscape division of the HOA.  Others, I work with a consultant hired by the HOA. Either way, it is a team effort with one focus in mind, what best serves the community. 

Landscape Professionals

Commercial Landscape Professionals represent a large portion of my clientele. Through the years I have learned a lot from this group of professionals. Now, I help them resolve turfgrass issues and evaluate their turf programs for maximum efficiency and product value. I create custom plans and create blends for optimum turf performance.


Parks, sports fields and city spaces are areas I focus on overall beautification for the public to enjoy. Many municipalities are on restricted budgets. Product knowledge and turf economics is my niche therefore, I am able to manage budgets restrictions without sacrificing beauty.

Sports Fields

In the sports world, the players are the center of attention not some big ugly dead spot in the middle of the field distracting from the game. Sports fields have different requirements and are a little more demanding. Because of the heavy foot traffic and abuse "down the middle" I have learned a few tricks through the years to minimize that issue. The field needs to be green and pristine serving as a lush green canvas for the big game. Go Bear Kats!


Hydro-seeding is one of my favorite areas to work in, it is the most challenging and most rewarding. When I saw how much money was being wasted in unsuccessful germination, I immediately went to work. I have devised a program to help alleviate the repeat seeding and produce a full lush turf  within 45 days. If an incomplete turf stand is holding you from getting paid and off a job, please contact me and together we will finish the job.

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