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  Turfgrass Evaluations

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Evaluations are paramount when it comes to turfgrass success. First, I access the conditions of the turf then discuss fertilizations, mowing schedules, insect applications and weed control. Next, I make  inquires about the history of the property and the guidelines or requirements set forth in the contract. Lastly, determining your client's expectations is a key factor in building a comprehensive plan that focuses on their criteria. Once the evaluation process is complete, I then move to the technical aspects of the property. 

Technical Data                          Science based solutions

Turf-Smart Website Pictures 2022-2.jpg
Turf-Smart Website Pictures 2022-2.jpg
Turf-Smart Website Pictures.jpg
When it comes to soil nutrition it's best to test, don't guess! A soil assay provides vital nutrient information about the soil and how well it is able to hold and exchange nutrients.
                The Right Plan
             Based on science + input
                   Soil Test                                         Nutritional information
                        Test Results
       Nutrient deficiencies, pH, exchange rate
Soil reports contain valuable information ranging from soil pH to organic matter. All parts  play a key role when it comes to creating a fertility plan suited particularly for that area. 
Data collected from various reports provide
the necessary information needed to create a  plan utilizing precise nutrition. This method is used to closely manage nutrients and cost.
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