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I Love My Grass!

            Hello, I'm Lucy!               A Canine Connoisseur of Grass. 

I'm a grass enthusiast, no sissy puffy beds for me. I prefer all natural cushy green grass. When I am not working the herd, I am basking in the sun of my people's beautiful lawn. How does it get to be so beautiful?  I am not really sure, but one of my people is a turfgrass expert.  Please, allow me to introduce her.

        Meet Lauri
 A Turfgrass & Product Specialist

Just like Lucy I'm also a grass enthusiast, but for much different reasons.  My passion is coaching green industry professionals such as Landscapers, Municipalities, School Districts and HOA Communities on how to properly feed and achieve a lush, dense turf. Air, water, light and fertilizer seem like a simple recipe but in reality it is a quagmire of moving variables. When Mother Nature unfurls her wrath, things can quickly get complicated.

If your turfgrass is showing signs of stress or looks off color, I am always happy to help get your grass back on track. From hydro-seeding to a full grow-in, I am here to help you get it right the first time. When my mission is complete, your grass will be a beautiful sea of green, the perfect back ground for any project.

                    Then, you too will say, "I love my grass!"

From Seed

Germinating hydro-seed can be tricky. Too much water, not enough water it can be a daunting task. Considering the cost of seed I am focused on your germination success. A full grow-in typically takes an average is 45 days, customer's love it!

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To Sod

A thorough evaluation helps me focus on the  end results. I will tackle nutrient cost, discuss nitrogen sources and develop a plan specifically for your property.

Turf-Smart Website Pictures.jpg
Let's Get Started!

To Beautiful

I am passionate about results and consider it an honor to work in the green industry. I consider myself Mother natures assistant. In the end, I want everyone and everything to thrive in their surroundings

Turf-Smart Website Pictures.jpg

Let's Work Together

Your input, expert advice, beautiful results.

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